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Rescue Rockets 3D

The idea was to spin out out a new game in a week and see what can be achieved. Genre: Endless Runner Goals: Collect coins which double up as fuel ( keep an eye out on the fuel meter ) . Don’t allow more than 3 Spacemen / Astronauts fall into the abyss. Avoid all the […]

Bezier curves

Some really cool articles on bezier curves . Liked it a lot. Can be really useful getting some curves drawn for your games. C# way of doing things , better explained and can be directly used in game engines like Unity3D Old school way of understanding Bezier Curves Rendering fonts using Bezier curves Cheers  

Alpha channel nightmare

Recently came across this really frustrating issue of Unity rendering the alpha channel with some whites and bleeding all colors in the texture when applied to a mesh. Here is a simple fix if you are facing something similar. Load your image into Adobe Photoshop ( or software of your choice ) Create an explicit alpha channel […]

iOS Device Resolutions

A quick post of iOS device Resolutions. A bit hard to find ( based on the needs of itunes connect ) 3.5 inch — 640 x 960 4 inch — 640 x 1136 4.7 inch — 750 x 1334 5.5 inch — 1242 x 2208 iPAD — 1536 x 2048  

Curious case of player coun...

Player count , the holy grail of all Multiplayer online matches for Turn-based and Realtime Games has a few gotcha’s when it comes to Google Game Services ( GPG ) and Apple Game Center. Before we go into details , some abbreviations i cooked up to make it cleaner to read 😉 GPG – GooglePlayGame […]

Linker Errors DeviceInfo

Sometimes you are stuck with linker errors that drive your mad while building for iOS using XCode ( using Unity3D ). This post will be a ever growing list of how I solved them 😀 : Linker error with device info …

I have noticed that even though DeviceInfo was present in Build Phase , […]

Unity 5 not a beast

The title has nothing to do with Unity 5 as a whole but for the fact that Unity 5 no more supports  Beast Lightmapping :-/ . What does this mean ? Imagine upgrading a project created in Unity 4.x using beast lightmapping and happily running on devices ( yeah runs very smooth compared to the […]

Google Game Services + Unit...

Love the new Google Play Services (GPG ) plugin ( has a few bugs , but liveable ) for Unity3D . Has the following features: Login to Game Services on both iOS and Android TurnBased and Realtime Multiplayer support Achievements and Leaderboards Latest release supports quests and gifts too ( have not tried while writing […]

Unity3D checkin please

Unity 3D is a powerful engine but can get hard to maintain on your local machine. ( A small game can easily run into a gb or more of data ) . The best solution would be to check it into a revision system. yay ! Simple !! ( Bazinga !! , no it aint […]

How it all started

When Android Gingerbread ( 2.3 ) was launched and to the fact that got my hands on HTC Desire HD ( a phone on steroids back then ) … Organize life ( have smart phone damn it! ) I decided to organise my life with a todo manager that would be fast , remind me with […]

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