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Google Game Services + Unity3D

Google plusLove the new Google Play Services (GPG ) plugin ( has a few bugs , but liveable ) for Unity3D . Has the following features:

  • Login to Game Services on both iOS and Android
  • TurnBased and Realtime Multiplayer support
  • Achievements and Leaderboards
  • Latest release supports quests and gifts too ( have not tried while writing this post)

Works well on Android without any issues, not that it does not work on iOS. The really sad part is the Apple Rejection process for App’s using the GPG plugin reason being it opens Safari to login the user into G+ services.

Lot of workaround mentioned on forums , the new one being creating a custom webview for your app . ( more here ) . Don’t have a lot of patience doing all this and getting rejected for the second time. Saying bye to GPG on iOS for now . GameCenter for Unity3D is another tough cookie to crack , but better than getting bluntly rejected by Apple :(

Unity3D checkin please

git repoUnity 3D is a powerful engine but can get hard to maintain on your local machine. ( A small game can easily run into a gb or more of data ) . The best solution would be to check it into a revision system. yay ! Simple !! ( Bazinga !! , no it aint simple ) .

The whole of Unity project is made of lot of binary files and we all know while we can checkin the files into git ( yes thats what I love to use ) , it can get nearly impossible to diff between 2 revisions. So what do we do now ?

Welcome the .meta files 

Meta files convert or rather keep all the important data related to your prefabs, scenes etc in the form of text files. This helps the process of maintaining it on git easy ( easy to diff , see the idea ? ) .

Some changes to your projects needed.Unity editor settings

Go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Editor , launches Editor Settings dialog and make changes as shown.

Choosing a repo : Chose bitbucket , why ?

  • free unlimited repo’s ( both private and public )
  • Supports git and mercurial ( like git )
  • SourceTree application maintained by bitbucket that provides a visual tool for git ( aah the bliss )
  • Free for upto 5 members ( have a bigger team ? easy to upgrade )
  • Has a wiki and bug tracker part of repo ( wow ! )
  • Get checkin mails
  • Use it to create builds on Unity Cloud

Some roadblocks ahead !!

Though we have a repo and meta file issues sorted out , the biggest concern is the gazillion files that Unity generates for your project. They are need only to make your project work faster ( the Library folder for example with its huuuuuge cache ). We dont wanna check that in do we ?

.ignore file to the rescue. git allows the creation of a file called ( .ignore ) which allows one to mention what should not go into a project.

Checkin this file and you are all set. You now have a lean mean project folder that gets checked in to git.

Install SourceTree , clone your repo , RTFM and have a peaceful life with all your code backed up safe !

How it all started

AndroidWhen Android Gingerbread ( 2.3 ) was launched and to the fact that got my hands on HTC Desire HD ( a phone on steroids back then ) …

Organize life ( have smart phone damn it! )

I decided to organise my life with a todo manager that would be fast , remind me with alerts on what i needed to do and when. Searched Google Play Store , installed a bunch of them and all came short of my expectation. Like all geeks, I decided to write my own :) .

Was it a good idea ?

Was not sure when I started… Installed Eclipse , re-learnt Java , installed Android SDK ( still remember it had a crazy bug which would not allow one to install correctly if you were not an administrator , some permission issues ). Learnt a hell lot about Android and its crazy xml based UI ( still gives me creeps , it would just crash on u giving some random dump) .

Spent several months learning and hacking away at the code running it on device, showing it to my friends ( my wife felt I had to name the App after her )

Result ?!

Klick Todo was born ( Initially was named KTodo , K being first letter from my wife’s name ) . Became decent enough hit with fan mails asking for features ( some real hate mails too when design was changed ) .

Later got into lot of gamedev projects and felt I needed categories ( as I told earlier wrote the app for my own consumption ) and Launched KlickTodoX which has a side bar etc.. pretty limited but works for my gamedev work :D.

Was it worth it ? ( i hardly made any money out of it )

Every bit of it. Gave me great confidence that I could write a full fledged App on my own and do the design frameworks, UX , marketing ( showing/writing to whoever had a smartphone those days 😛 ) and what not.

One thing lead to another and started doing freelance work for games and Apps… Was fun and if time permits would like to create a few more 😉 .

Unreal 4 versus Unity5

GameDevAlways been a big fan of the Unity Engine. The recent update to Unity 5 has been far from satisfactory (Sheldon would say,  Bazingaa)  , reasons ? Here you go:

  • Light-mapping takes ages (p.s: I have a Mac Book Pro with a 16gb ram and Intel i7 processor)  and it was supposed to be realtime :-/
  • The way things are optimised for the mobile are not good. Have to keep chopping the scene to make it run on Android ( iOS devices are better due to better hardware )
  • Each update brings painful new bugs and changes ( lost an entire terrain once on upgrade to a patch release of Unity 5 )
  • And the rant can go on and on…

Then we came across this video !! From the guys who most of the early starters of gameDev learnt Unity Engine from ( was that a caterpillar with canons shooting? ) and results look astounding.


Given that Unreal engine is free and seems like not that hard to learn ( thats the tough part after so much of investment in Unity5 ).

So Unity please pull up your sock and fix those nasty Window_death . Unreal Engine is now free and it would take very little time ( a lot of effort to be serious 😛 ) to move to Unreal !

p.s: Unreal dont like the 5% something royalty fee . What if I make a game that makes 1 million per day 😀

Gamecenter sandbox

iOSFirst thing when you start writing games using Gamecenter for iOS platform ( Sadly Apple bluntly rejects all the apps that make use of Google Game Services ) is the sandbox mode for testing your leaderboards,achievements etc…

Several posts on forums and blogs talk about creating a testing account and doing crazy voodoo stuff to get into sandbox mode. Read all that for a while and the ever increasing frustration writing games for the iOS platform was @#$@#$ ..

And yeah, finally went to the Apple site ( a plain and hard to read page which has no styling what so ever to make life harder ) , found out it was easy !

So here are the steps:

  1. Uninstall your development build on iOS device
  2. Go to Settings -> GameCenter and log out of your exiting account ( click on the email-id and a popup will appear to logout )
  3. A small slider below show “sandbox” , enable that !
  4. DONOT  login on the settings tab , instead install your development app and login through it when asked for authentication using your normal Apple account ( the one you use for buying apps will do just fine )
  5. You should now be logged into GameCenter

Happy development !

Shockwave Repo

git repoAs plan of the cleanup we are moving the Adobe Shockwave  tutorials related to 3D and PhysX to a public repo

A clean start

Coderecipe NewsWe are doing some house cleaning and realized we needed to move things around a bit :). As a good start we are pushing all the old content ( close to obsolete in today’s context) to git.

Find the links to all the scripts and projects related to Adobe Shockwave 3D in a separate post.

We also plan to make some changes to the content we post and mostly talk about game development in general ( our experiences planning and building game for Android and iOS platforms ). See some detailed posts on the same soon.

Its been close to 8 years and counting for Coderecipe ! Thats something cool too 😉 . Hang around and follow us on twitter and facebook .

Cheers !