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Alpha channel nightmare

Recently came across this really frustrating issue of Unity rendering the alpha channel with some whites and bleeding all colors in the texture when applied to a mesh. Here is a simple fix if you are facing something similar. Load your image into Adobe Photoshop ( or software of your choice ) Create an explicit alpha channel […]

iOS Device Resolutions

A quick post of iOS device Resolutions. A bit hard to find ( based on the needs of itunes connect ) 3.5 inch — 640 x 960 4 inch — 640 x 1136 4.7 inch — 750 x 1334 5.5 inch — 1242 x 2208 iPAD — 1536 x 2048  

Curious case of player coun...

Player count , the holy grail of all Multiplayer online matches for Turn-based and Realtime Games has a few gotcha’s when it comes to Google Game Services ( GPG ) and Apple Game Center. Before we go into details , some abbreviations i cooked up to make it cleaner to read 😉 GPG – GooglePlayGame […]

Linker Errors DeviceInfo

Sometimes you are stuck with linker errors that drive your mad while building for iOS using XCode ( using Unity3D ). This post will be a ever growing list of how I solved them 😀 : Linker error with device info …

I have noticed that even though DeviceInfo was present in Build Phase , […]

Unity 5 not a beast

The title has nothing to do with Unity 5 as a whole but for the fact that Unity 5 no more supports  Beast Lightmapping :-/ . What does this mean ? Imagine upgrading a project created in Unity 4.x using beast lightmapping and happily running on devices ( yeah runs very smooth compared to the […]

Google Game Services + Unit...

Love the new Google Play Services (GPG ) plugin ( has a few bugs , but liveable ) for Unity3D . Has the following features: Login to Game Services on both iOS and Android TurnBased and Realtime Multiplayer support Achievements and Leaderboards Latest release supports quests and gifts too ( have not tried while writing […]

Unity3D checkin please

Unity 3D is a powerful engine but can get hard to maintain on your local machine. ( A small game can easily run into a gb or more of data ) . The best solution would be to check it into a revision system. yay ! Simple !! ( Bazinga !! , no it aint […]

How it all started

When Android Gingerbread ( 2.3 ) was launched and to the fact that got my hands on HTC Desire HD ( a phone on steroids back then ) … Organize life ( have smart phone damn it! ) I decided to organise my life with a todo manager that would be fast , remind me with […]

Unreal 4 versus Unity5

Always been a big fan of the Unity Engine. The recent update to Unity 5 has been far from satisfactory (Sheldon would say,  Bazingaa)  , reasons ? Here you go: Light-mapping takes ages (p.s: I have a Mac Book Pro with a 16gb ram and Intel i7 processor)  and it was supposed to be realtime […]

Gamecenter sandbox

First thing when you start writing games using Gamecenter for iOS platform ( Sadly Apple bluntly rejects all the apps that make use of Google Game Services ) is the sandbox mode for testing your leaderboards,achievements etc… Several posts on forums and blogs talk about creating a testing account and doing crazy voodoo stuff to […]

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